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The Research Table is used to create Blueprints by using Scrap and the item to make the blueprint of, which means one has to find the desired item first. The required amount of scrap display after which is put in the lower slot - using less scrap will not work. If those criteria are met the "Research" button will turn clickable and after clicking it, both slots will be blocked during the process.

Once it's completed, the blueprint will appear in the upper slot. Researching takes 10 seconds and uses only the required amount of scrap and leaves the rest in the lower slot. The durability of the item does not play a role, except it must not be broken, then the researching won't work.

After researching an item, it will be replaced with the blueprint and cannot be retrieved after being used to research. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Research tables can be found in Monuments as well as crafted for your base.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Stone Barricade. Sandbag Barricade.

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Concrete Barricade. Wooden Barricade. Wood Shutters. Metal horizontal embrasure. Metal Vertical embrasure. Small Water Catcher. Garage Door.

Barbed Wooden Barricade. Large Water Catcher. Floor Grill. Chainlink Fence Gate. Chainlink Fence. Prison Cell Gate. Prison Cell Wall. Metal Window Bars. Reinforced Glass Window. Reinforced Window Bars. High External Wooden Gate. High External Wooden Wall. Metal Barricade. Wooden Ladder.The Mining Outpost is one of the first small monuments players find when starting the game.

This location is home to several loot locations, a recycler and repair bench making this place extremely contested with others. Using the loot map above, you can see there are plenty of low end loot spawns. In addition to these, you will also come across the Recycler and Repair bench.

The Recycler is found in the middle of the warehouse. This workbench is going to be one of the main reasons why the Mining Outpost is hotly contested in the beginning. There is always an Electricity Generator around the main Warehouse that is home to three Loot Barrels. Directly opposite the Recycler you will find the Repair bench. This will your broken item at the cost of some durability — That means eventually it will become unusable if you keep repairing it!

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Will 2 min read August 27, Add comment. Default View. Related articles. Sep Admin Commands Rust. Aug View all posts. Follow us Proactively formulate resource-leveling imperatives through alternative process improvements.Hapis has received a lot of love over the past couple of weeks, with Alistair adding new monuments and optimizing the landscape for better gameplay. Thankfully, those changes were merged into the staging branch today.

This article summarizes what you can expect once the update goes live on April 5th. Keep in mind: This is all still a work in progress and more will likely shift before going live. I'll update this post accordingly. Check back here on Thursday for a full summary of the rest of Rust development this week.

Starting at the northernmost road, you'll notice a new label on the map: Collapsed Tunnel. Nestled into the side of a mountain, this tall monument features several opportunities for loot along with a recycler up top.

Similar to the junkyards of procgen, this monument features low tier loot like food boxes and barrels, along with a lot of well, junk. There is also a conveniently placed warehouse to the north, which features some more loot and a recycler. Like the procgen version, this area offers some low tier loot spread around the wrecked pipes and dilapidated buildings, along with an opportunity for some better loot if you can find your way onto the large water container in the middle.

An entirely new monument, Outpost B3 sits on the road just south of Site B. Featuring a bunch of barrels and wooden crates, this new destination will provide a decent bounty of low tier loot to the casual passerby.

There is also a research table on the first floor of one of the buildings, if you happen to need one. A bunch of new underground features have been added.

Although they appear to be mostly in the south east near the new outpost, you'll also notice some new tunnels and caves all over as you explore the updated map. A small mining outpost has been added to the road heading to Launch Site when coming from the south. As expected, it features some miscellaneous loot and a recycler.

Along with all the new hotspots added to the map, Alistair has tweaked the terrain in various places. Although these changes are not going live for the game till the next forced map wipe on April 5thyou can see them now by loading up the staging branch.

Collapsed Tunnel Starting at the northernmost road, you'll notice a new label on the map: Collapsed Tunnel. New tunnels and caves A bunch of new underground features have been added. Mining outpost A small mining outpost has been added to the road heading to Launch Site when coming from the south. See for yourself! Newer Older.Not everything requires components. Many early game items can be crafted without components or blueprints.

Here is a list of all major components along with their rarity, where to find them, and what crafting recipes use them quantity required is in parenthesis next to each item. Scrap is used in research tables to acquire blueprints by researching an item, though the learned item will be destroyed in the process. It is also used to craft workbenches and research tables. It can be used in work benches to gamble for a blueprint from the respective tier. Used for Researching items Crafting of a few items, mainly workbenches, research tables, and the ever important nail gun Gambling for a BP using a workbench.

Looking for fire power? You'll need pipes - and a lot of them. Recycler return 1 high quality metal 5 Scrap. Speaking of firepower, you won't have much till you have the springs to back it up.

Required by every high tier weapon in the game, springs are bound to be one of the most sought after components. Recycler return 1 high quality metal 10 Scrap. Recycler return 2 high quality metal 25 Scrap.

Like the rifle body, the SMG body is rarely found in weapon crates and used for submachinegun construction. Recycler return 2 high quality metal 15 Scrap. You guessed it, the semi auto body is just like the SMG and Rifle body, only this is used to make P's and semi auto rifles. Recycler return 2 high quality metal 75 metal frags 15 Scrap.

Tarps are also a great source of cloth when recycled. One of the most prized components - a key to raiding and some attachments - tech trash is rarely found in weapon crates. Recycler return 1 high quality metal 20 Scrap. Used for C4 2 Holosight 1 Laser sight 1.


A key ingredient for the flamethrower, and also used in water purification but seriously, who does that anyway? Recycler return metal frags 1 high quality metal 8 Scrap.

Used for Monument puzzles. The recycler takes items or components and returns a percentage of the materials back depending on condition of the item. Recyclers cannot be crafted at the moment, you can only find them in dungeons and monuments around the map. Lighthouse The recycler is in the platform on the shorter side of the light house.

rust outpost recycler

Train Yard The recycler can be found on the second floor after going up the stairs on the small building. Water Treatment The recycler is found on the second floor after going up two flights of stairs in the long building. Nuclear Plant The recycler is found inside of the garage door on the right in the small building next to the conveyor. Harbors A recycler can be found in each of the possible harbors. It is located directly behind the first building on the left in the first harbor, and between the cranes in the other.The guards will attack any player who is hostile to another player inside the Bandit Town or any player who harms the guards themselves or destroys a barrel inside the Bandit Camp.

There is also a restored 'dredge' which contains a Casino where players can gamble away their Scrap on a wheel similar to roulette.

rust outpost recycler

In the games room players may not draw any dangerous weapons, or the guards will give the player four seconds to put away the gun before opening fire. And also the Bandit Camp contains a [1]. It is located at the building which has the casino in it.

rust outpost recycler

WARNING: It is worth noting that as of release, there is an unguarded area just under the casino room where many people are killing innocent players going to enjoy the gambling. This works with one person killing you and their friend looting you. It may be impossible to enter the casino without being attacked if someone is camping it.

Tech Trash

There shouldn't be much death in the actual games room itself as it is heavily guarded and any bodies inside cannot be looted. Here's a short guide video about the bandit camp. It includes most things you need to know about it like safezones, services and more. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :.Players finding themselves with excess components may use the Recycler to break them down into raw resources.

Recognition 24 pts. Bacon pts. TheLoneSniper 11 pts. Report 0 state enforced diversity pts. Try not to sit directly ontop of it and keep an eye on your surroundings as the loud noise will attract bandits.

Report 0 Recognition 24 pts. So if you have 5 Pipes, don't put one in each slot. Report 0 xXxBigCountry 6 pts.

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Report 0 Bacon pts. Report -1 TheLoneSniper 11 pts. Report -2 deivymaybe23 1 pts. Add Tip Sign In to add a tip. Wolf Headdress. High Velocity Arrow. Handmade Shell. Incendiary Pistol Bullet. HV Pistol Ammo.

Sewing Kit

Explosive 5. Incendiary 5. Incendiary Rocket. High Velocity Rocket. Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! Sheet Metal Double Door. Armored Double Door. Wood Double Door. Sheet Metal Door.

Bandit Camp

High External Stone Gate. High External Wooden Gate. High External Stone Wall. High External Wooden Wall. Prison Cell Gate. Prison Cell Wall. Chainlink Fence Gate.For the first time, Rust has an area solely designed to allow for safe player and world interactions with minimal chance of harm unless you are brandishing a weapon, or have recently brandished one. New loot environments are spread out in the ocean surrounding Rust island for your looting pleasure following this update.

Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow Rustafied for news throughout the day. Designed around a small town connected to the roads leading to other monuments the Compound offers many amenities for players starting out fresh, or a change of pace for established players.

Attempts to disrupt that peace are met with swift force as only a 4-second warning is given if you equip a weapon or lethal tool. After that you are considered hostile and will be gunned down, you remain a hostile threat in the area for 10 minutes following your infraction. Vending machines with resources, tools, mixed level gear and weapons are spread throughout along with a refinery, recycler, research table, repair bench, and a couple of level one benches are available as well.

A neutral sit-down area is located within the walls which will surely foster colorful conversations. Diving gear is making its official debut today. This must-have attire for deep sea looting cannot be crafted and is primarily found on floating junk piles.

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The oxygen tank capacity has been increased to s as well. For more information on diving and the individual clothing pieces please check out last week's post. Vegetation and rocks are now found all around of the coasts around the map. The sand-covered ocean floor now is dotted with plants and procgen rock outcrops to add a noticeable visual improvement.

Along with the aesthetically pleasing environment, sunken boxes, barges, and boats can be found as well. Boxes can be untied and float to the surface to be looted. Another graphical and immersion improvement has been added this week in the form of first person clothing! A long time request from the community, first person clothing is now reality. You can see your fancy threads while holding a weapon or tool, and it updates based on the skin that you choose.

Alistair has shared with us that server performance is largely going to remain the same with this update. As some of you have experienced on our US and EU Main servers, in-game performance has been less than ideal at times.

At Rustafied we are constantly monitoring and proactively working on our servers to maintain the highest performance possible.