Java program for student details using constructor

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Rajesh in section A got 45 marks. Suresh in section B got 78 marks. Ramesh in section A got 83 marks. Kamlesh in section A got 77 marks.

Vignesh in section B got 93 marks. Here we have a created an array of 5 Students. Since Student is class i. That is why five Student objects are created and the variables namemarks and section are initialized separately.

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As usual, accessing of the variables of student objects can be done using the dot. Open In App.

java program for student details using constructor

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java program for student details using constructor

The program Java Code To Print Student Details Using Arrays has some problems like not able to add, modify or delete the student since the information related to one student is present in multiple arrays. We can use classes to group this related data of the student into a Student class.

The below program shows how to print student details by using classes instead of arrays. Print Student Details Using Classes. Try it Online. Add one more student Venkatesh in section B with marks 87 and see the output.

Please note that the array size has to be increased from 5 to 6. Remove the student Ramesh and see the output. Note that the array size has to be decreased from 5 to 4 and the index of Kamlesh is 2 and the index of Vignesh is 3.

Add additional variable percentage with double type to the Student class and initialize the percentages for all the students. Also change the print statement to include the percentage as well. Score more than 2 points. Our Tutors. Overview Of Programming With Java.A Java constructor is a method that is used to initialize an object.

It has the same name as that of the class and is called or invoked when we create an object of the class, and we can't call them explicitly. While creating an object, its attributes may or may not be available. If none is available, then the default constructor is called. It is optional to write a constructor method s in a class, but due to their utility, we use them. The output of the program: The program is the simplest example of a constructor.

The constructor gets called when we create an object of the class Programming. As you can see, the output prints the "Constructor method called. Constructors in Java can be overloaded just like other methods, i. The number depends on the information we have about the attributes of an object while creating it.

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Constructor overloading program example:. Output of program:. When we create the CPP object, the default constructor executes. When we create java object, the constructor with argument is called. Method setName is used to set the 'name' attribute of language, getName method prints language name.

Constructor chaining occurs when a class inherits another class.

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In inheritance, a subclass inherits the properties of the superclass. Both the super and subclass may have constructor methods. When we create an object of a subclass, we call its constructor.

It initializes subclass attributes; now, we need to invoke the superclass constructor. To achieve this, Java provides a super keyword through which we can pass arguments to the superclass constructor. For more clarity, see constructor chaining example:.

Insert, accept & display student details - Java

The constructor method doesn't specify a return type; it returns an instance of the class itself. You are here Home. Java constructor.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Im trying to create a student arraylist to a a course class so that when a student is added the arraylist is increases. With a little bit of research you can find many tutorials to achieve what you intend, but i'll try to set you in the right path just so you have an answear and somewhere to start.

What is a Student? Is it a String containing just a name, is it an object that represents a student that can have some properties? One example is. You need some place to store every Student added to the course, that is what the ArrayList is for i.

You will need to keep the list in your course class as an instance variable, and add a method in wich you can pass a student and inside the method all you have to is add to your list of students, you may even do some validation if you want. If you have more doubts first search for a solution before asking questions that can easily be found.

Insert, accept & display student details - Java

Here are some references:. Java List. Java ArrayList. EDIT the way you are adding your students is almost done but you have an error and also your list of students only resides inside the constructor, wich means you cannot use the list for saving students outside.

Question is, do you want to add students in constructor? If so, add parameter to your constructor. Learn more. Creating a student arraylist to add students to course class Java Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 1 month ago.If we want to access variables inside a class we can access them using object. Actually we need to use methods to perform any task. And to assign and to get values of a object we have setter and getter methods concept in java. Getter and setter methods are like normal methods in java.

Insert, accept & display student details - Java

If we observe this it is pure encapsulation in java. It should accept some value as an argument. It should have a statement to assign argument value to corresponding variable. It does not have any return type. It should not have any arguments. It should return corresponding variable value. So return type must be of type of variable we are returning from the method. In order to get the variable value we need to call corresponding getter method of variable.

Tagged with: java interview programs java programming interview questions. Thanks for the post. This is the best explanation from all the sites i have seen. The thin is your explanation is Understandable even to a begineer. Instance Of Java. We will help you in learning. Please leave your comments and suggestions in comment section.

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java program for student details using constructor

Anonymous May 8,PM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Avoid bad initializations. One problem with the Student1 class is that the user has to explicitly initialize all fields. This requires extra typing, but more importantly, it is error-prone. If we forget to initialize a field, the default value could have bad consequences.

Similar to method. A constructor is similar to a method -- it's called like a method, has parameters like a method, and it returns.

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But it must have the same name as the class for which it is a constructor. Also, the type and return value are implicit. Here is the Student1 class with a constructor which simply initializes the fields instance variables from its parameters. Often constructors do more work in initialization, including checking for legal values, but for now we'll just simply copy the parameter values. All object creation therefore must use your explicitly defined constructor.

For example. The constructor can check that all fields are defined with legal values. We're not going to extend the Student2 class any further to test for legal values, but we will in the next example. For the moment we'll leave the Student class, and move to something different to show the same ideas.

Java Basics Contents - Prev: 2. Data - Student Class - Next: 4. Purpose of this lesson : To introduce the concept of constructors. Purpose of constructors is both guaranteed initialization and convenience.

Create new Student2 object with new. Create another Student2 object. Copyright Fred Swartz Permission to copy for non-profit educational purposes.

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All code is in public domain.Example Student class. The student class has four properties namely roll number, name, standard and total marks. All these properties have respective methods to get and set object values.

The student class has two constructors, one is the default, and another one is overloaded to accept all four properties and set them to object properties.

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java program for student details using constructor

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